...It Started With An Idea...

 The idea kept coming up and kept getting pushed aside, until finally, founder Ashley Navarro, decided to make it real.

Anyone that knows Ashley knows that she lives to spread Love. For the last couple of years, it's been almost a daily mission of hers to make sure she leaves others with a bit of inspiration and Motivation via her Facebook page or her blog.  She would always post quotes that often inspired her, knowing that it could be helping someone else. 

One by one, she started getting messages from friends, letting her know that the quote she just posted or the blog post she wrote that day was EXACTLY what they needed to hear. They would tell her Thank You and encourage her to keep doing what she was doing. The seed of inspiration had been planted

When Ashley was younger, she used to love writing letters to her friends. (To this day she still keeps the binder of notes she received from friends in Middle School.) In the beginning of 2014, Ashley decided to send some of her friends "Thank You" notes in the mail. Just a way to say "THANK YOU for being a great friend".  Let's face it, unless it's those daily bills, magazines, or grocery ads, we all love a little surprise mail right? A card, an invitation, a handwritten letter. We love receiving something that is personal to us and that will put a smile on our face. 

The anticipation of waiting for her friends to receive their Thank You cards was exciting. Ashley couldn't wait for them to see that they were important to her and that she valued their friendship. Along with the card, she left a little extra present. It was a small card with an encouraging quote inside. The card was sealed shut so only they could open it. She was trusting in the Universe, that she would give them the card that was meant for them and that would encourage or inspire them through whatever they may have been going through at that time. The seed of inspiration began to break open.

The idea of leaving love letters for strangers had been an idea of Ashley's for a few years but it stayed just that. An idea. "Who am I to try and start a movement?" was the question she always asked herself. It was not until recently, she decided to overcome her fears, decided to stop playing small, and decided to start a massive love movement. A movement based on inspiring and motivating. A movement based on spreading LOVE. Like Marianne Williamson says, "Who are you not to?" The seed of inspiration began to break ground.

One day Ashley was going through some resistance, something that often comes up as we start moving towards our heartfelt dreams, and she was feeling discouraged. That is when Ashley decided to ask Spirit for an answer. She lit a candle, turned off the light, and took a hot shower. (yes, in the dark). She started getting negative thoughts. She then remembered a book she read, and how in order to authentically change, she must come to love herself first. She must love and appreciate who she was RIGHT NOW. Then as clear as day, she heard a voice. The voice said, "You need a love letter". And that was it. Ashley knew that writing love letters was the answer. The flower of inspiration began to grow. 

“I decided that everyone is important. Everyone needs encouragement. Everyone needs inspiration. Everyone needs LOVE. No matter who you see, how they seem, what they have, or what they’ve done, I can guarantee that at some point, they struggle the same battle as you. Underneath all of our stories, lies the most common fear. The fear that we are unworthy.”

Let Love Surprise You is a movement about spreading Love to others. In order to spread love to others, we must first embody love ourselves. Ashley decided that as she goes through hard times, she will write herself a love letter. It is those very love letters that help inspire her, that she sends off into the world for another person to find, trusting that the letters are finding just the right person, at just the right time, saying just what they too, need to hear. Because Ashley took the first step, others have now joined the movement and a healing love is being spread across the globe. The movement is here to show you that as you embody love, you never know where it can take you. It just may surprise the heck out of you. 

“We see tons of people every single day, and it’s common to assume someone else has it better than you, that no one knows what you are feeling or going though, but I want to let you know that you are not alone. YOU ARE LOVED! We all are. Sometimes, all someone needs is a friendly reminder that everything will be ok, to be told they are loved, to keep moving forward, or that they CAN manifest their dreams. So let’s be the people that sends these gentle reminders.”
— Ashley

The Flower of Inspiration has BLOOMED.

Let Love Surprise You!