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This movement wouldn't exist without someone like YOU!

Are you willing to do something nice for someone you don't know? Something as simple as a few encouraging words written on paper? Believe it or not, as simple and as easy as it is, your words could make someone's day. Better yet, they could very well change someone's life.

All you have to do is write ONE letter. Yes, you heard me. Just ONE letter....and then leave it somewhere for someone to find. That's it!
Then, if you had fun, write another one and do it again.

... As I stood there absorbing every word, I was moved to tears. I feel as if this particular letter was written specifically for me as I have been rooted in deep depression for some time now and have been struggling to free myself of the painful haunts of my past....Since taking the letter home, I’ve reread it countless times. These past few days have been far brighter and happier because I reflect on these words of wisdom, acceptance, inner courage, and self-love; it’s saved me from myself. I would like to thank the kind stranger that took the time to write this and for them to know that this small letter made the world of a difference as soon as it entered my life when I needed it most.
— Santa Monica, CA

You can read more inspiring stories from people who have found love letters on our Finders Keepers Page

"Ok, I'm In, But How Do I Start? What Do I Write?"

This is the fun part. Write a love letter. Some words of advice. Inspiration or motivation. Your favorite quote. Maybe all of the above. You can even write a love letter to yourself if you're needin' a pick-me-up, and leave it for someone else. Whatever you do, let it come from your heart! Connect with that loving part of yourself and share it with others. Just as you have the opportunity to change another life, you may also change your own. Trust that whatever your process is, whoever it finds, wherever they find it, it is meant to be. My words of advice is Just Start and see what comes out!

Add our website address, to the end of your letter and because of you, someone else may feel inspired to spread some love too! We're all in this together. Use our official hashtag #letlovesurpriseyou on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so we can follow along your journey of love. 



If you need more help writing your first letter, click here to check out step by step directions on how to get started as well as a few examples of some love letters to spark inspiration.
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CUrrent Campaigns

Here at Let Love Surprise You, we are constantly thinking of ways to keep letter writing interesting and fun. One way is holding themed campaigns. Check out what's running now! 
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