Hanauma Bay - Oahau, HI

On Jan 2, 2016, I was walking the steep incline leaving the majestic view of Hanauma Bay. The place is massively busy, with the foot traffic of thousands of visitors. This is my home state, and I was disappointed in the workers of the bay, they are the ambassadors of our state, and how they treat the visitors is a reflection on us all. I look down, and wedged in the basalt lava rocks is an envelope. Due to the volume of people passing, and the whiteness of the card, I surmise it hadn't been there long. I wondered if the creator of the card was watching me, but I wasn't clever enough to spot them if she/he was. I thought it was delightful. I showed it to my fellow beach goers. Then I went to lunch and gave it to my nephew- who I think really truly needed to read it. Crabby teenager, but it touched him anyway. Then he wanted to pay it forward and we left it on a dragon boat head in China town. Thank you to the person who left it, and the person who created the love movement. I hope the letter is enjoyed again in China town.