Mailbox on Mission and Hwy 12 - Santa Rosa, CA

I was already feeling like I had some universal love on my side that day when I came across this love letter. My first reaction was, "Oh, that's SO nice! Somebody who needs that is really going to appreciate it." Then I thought, "Wait a minute! Why do I immediately think someone else is more deserving to find this....why don't I get to be the one who finds this even if I think I don't *need* it (codeword for deserve, right)?" So, I decided to open it and let the universe grace me with more love and support.

It was really touching to read and was an amazing support for a lesson I've been trying to learn in my life too: love isn't to be rationed, doled out to worthy or unworthy, you can't be greedy for having too is abundant and it grows exponentially when we allow ourselves to take it in and let it flow out to share with others too. It's how a heart beats after all! Inflow - outflow! All we have to do to connect with the universal heart flow that keeps humanity connected is open to it and accept it - beginning with letting ourselves be the recipient of a random love letter.

Feeling connected to people and loved is a lesson I have struggled with in my life. Love has been a foreign seeming word and concept - measured by doing and meeting conditions. I hadn't learned how to practice unconditional love to myself but the past few years have made the practice and action of it a focus. 

Thank you for your beautiful letter!  I will be writing love letters and as I recently began my own heart adventure - combining Reiki Energy Healing with Intuitive Coaching - I plan to involve my other coach friends and clients with this too! 

YOU are the embodiment of love and I am deeply and forever appreciative of this treasured gift and experience in my life. 

With love,