Whole Foods Market - Santa Monica, CA

 I would like to share with you the breathtaking impact a love movement letter has personally made on my life: 

I have been living in California for just over a year and a half now. This past Sunday on April 19, 2015 while working a closing shift at my new job at Whole Foods in Santa Monica, California, I came across the most inspirational and uplifting hand written letter. (Let's just say I wasn't having the best day.) Several coworkers that had originally found the letter were planning on tossing it, that is until I picked it up to read. As I stood there absorbing every word, I was moved to tears. I feel as if this particular letter was written specifically for me as I have been rooted in deep depression for some time now and have been struggling to free myself of the painful haunts of my past. Both as a new employee and in my personal life, I've been struggling to connect with others and make friends among getting accustomed to life in California.

Since taking the letter home, I've reread it countless times. These past few days have been far brighter and happier because I reflect on these words of wisdom, acceptance, inner courage, and self-love; it's saved me from myself. I would like to thank the kind stranger that took the time to write this and for them to know that this small letter made the world of a difference as soon as it entered my life when I needed it most.

I'll be holding onto this ray of sunshine a little while longer before paying it forward.

Thank you Love Movement for spreading love and kindness in this world!