JoAnn's - Santa Rosa, California

I was flipping through some scrapbooking paper and I saw this envelope. It was super early, the store was empty, so I opened it, and started reading... Suddenly my eyes started to water and I felt this thing in my stomach, and I was breathless. Just days before I had gone through a bad experience and those words I was reading were so comforting! It really felt like someone was watching over me. A total stranger was telling me that everything was going to be alright. It was all I needed to make me feel good! Since then, everytime any feeling of sadness crosses my mind, I read the letter again, it really makes me feel loved. Thank you so much, stranger who left that letter there, you have no idea what yout beautiful words meant to me!

Thank you #letlovesurpriseyou for this lovely movement! We should always feel loved, but sometimes you just need a love letter to remind you that you already have love!