You have three choices: 

1. Leave the letter you found for someone else

2. Scribble a new one from the heart to pass along. 
(We would love to have you at a letter writing party)


3. Sit back and enjoy it!


Don't forget to let us know how your surprise made you feel. 
If you would like to try and connect with your writer, go on over to our Finders Keepers page and have your letter posted. 


If you did NOT find a letter, don't worry - you can still join the love movement and spread some love to your community. In fact, we highly encourage you. Check out The Story, while you're at it.

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Love Letters to ME... why thanks so much

I’m so proud of you for doing this and I think it’s such a great idea!
— - Amy (Granada Hills, CA)
This is a movement I can get behind. I can’t wait to think of how many more people will be inspired by you in 2015. Best wishes!!
— Andrya (Vallejo, CA)
As a strong and faithful advocate for LOVE and KINDNESS, I am in love with your idea and initiative. Writing letters was powerful...and the vision of watching someone open up the letter and even feel, for one moment, a reflection of the words written, filled my soul with JOY. I hope this reaches everyone in the world. I personally plan on writing love letters year-around.
— Aimee (San Diego, CA)
Thank you #letlovesurpriseyou for this lovely movement! We should always feel loved, but sometimes you just need a love letter to remind you that you already have love!
— Sara (Santa Rosa, CA)
Write a love letter from the Universe, tune in to where to leave it for just the very person who needs to find it and leave it for them to discover...this is so my kind of New Year’s endeavor
— Nicola (Studio City, CA)
Spread the love. Join the movement. Make someone’s day or possibly even year. SHARE LOVE. BE LOVE
— Jessica (Pleasanton, CA)
I love this project. THANKS for putting this awesome project out in the world!
— Melody (Golden, CO)
I left three letters in the Nashville Tennessee area! And, I plan to keep making more. A lot of out of towners come through our city who knows where they will be bringing love back to... Peace!
— Christie (Nashville, TN)
Thanks for starting this movement; the world could definitely use more love and kindness.
— Brittany (MS)
This is very kind, loving and exciting!
— Chris (North Hollywood, CA)
That is such a wonderful idea! In this life we need more movement such as this to make people feel loved, wanted and validated. This truly was a God move! Good job to whom ever started this. Peace and Blessings.
— Sandra (Livermore, CA)

Thank you for starting such an amazing movement! If the world were filled with more people like you we would all be better for it :)
Keep fighting the good fight!
— Lauren (OK)
This in a way is very revolutionary in it’s own scale and will become part of this very admirable deed
— Gisell (Frisco, CO)