Keep Moving Forward

I just want to give gratitude to everyone that takes the time to read this blog, visit the website, and most of all, those of you who have joined the movement. This blog is here so I can share my truth along the way. I am new at this endeavor and have never done anything like it. I am just an ordinary girl who had an idea and decided to make it go live. As it unfolds, I choose this place to be able to share the excitement, the disappointments, the fear, the love, the grace, the challenges, the rawness and realness, and all of the above. I want people to be able to relate to my experience and know that they too can do whatever it is that whispers in their heart. We are all in this together right?

 So some of you may have noticed, things have seemed to be pretty slow around here lately . I have to admit, I was starting to feel really discouraged about everything. It is interesting sometimes to sit back and see how my mind works and where it likes to go. My mind has always worked from an area of lack, so it's no wonder, that's the place it seems to travel when it's not preoccupied with everything else. This movement is so special to my heart and I love to hear people's experiences of it. It's something I believe in, an always told myself that I would continue, even if I am the only one participating. With that being said, my intention from the beginning has been to create a worldwide movement. To have others excited about leaving letters for strangers and to have people consistently involved.

I have always been a creative person, and in the past it has been really difficult for me to decide on what I wanted to do with my life. My pattern was always to get really excited about something, start it, do really good, hit a plateau, get discouraged and move on to the next thing. For the last month or two, I feel like Let Love Surprise You hit a plateau and out of fear,  I would question myself "Is this a good idea?" or "Is this really going to work?". I was running out of ways to keep people involved and excited, so it felt like, out of habit, I gave up a little bit and let resistance get the best of me.

The good thing is, what is different about now, compared to how I used to react in the past, is I have been very aware of my thoughts and my actions and their misalignment with what I see to be true. This time around I have more knowledge and I am gaining experience as to how to work through the fear and resistance. It always helps when Spirit sends you a little message here and there, letting you know you are on the right path. In my case, it literally has been messages. Every time I get discouraged and start to rethink my plans, I get an email from someone that found a letter from someone (sometimes from me), and letting me know how the letter has impacted their life. It has been a constant reminder of why I am doing what I am doing and why I must continue on strong. This really is only the beginning.

So I sit here before you behind this almighty computer screen, to acknowledge myself as I keep moving forward. As I witness the plateau and fasten my seatbelt because instead of getting off the ride, like I would have done in the past, I am getting ready to climb the next peak. Let Love Surprise You is here to stay and commits to continuing to bring joy to others lives. I am here to practice patience and trust. Integrity and purpose. I am here to choose courage and stand tall in the face of fear. Most importantly, I am here to love myself through it all and trust in my ability to create something big and powerful. It is time. I am here to stand in that love and let it surprise me. Let it bring me to a place I have only wished to make it to, and have been too afraid to come to in the past. Here I am making it past the first plateau, stronger then before. Again, I thank you and appreciate you for being here with me. The ride is more fun with others to laugh and cry with.  Let's go!