Last year this was my favorite campaign. Writing a letter everyday and saving them all at the end for Valentine's Day was so fun. Buying pretty flowers and leaving them around made it even more fun. I felt like Cupid that day. I hope you join me again this year!!!

Let's write as many letters as we can so that we can fill the world with Love on Love Day. Let's make someone's day extra special by leaving them a surprise filled with nothing but loving inspiration.  I encourage you to get extra crafty these 14 days so we can spill even more loving into these sweet treats. Feel free to use different color pens, glitter, stickers, ribbon, stamps, etc. Not feeling crafty? Don't worry, a good old fashioned handwritten note with pen or pencil on a piece of binder paper will do just fine! Want to add an extra dose of loving? Buy 14 flowers, make 14 goodie bags, or buy 14 boxes of conversation hearts to leave along with your letters.

Whatever you do, I guarantee you will leave someone feeling extra special on a day for love.

Don't forget to leave our website at the end of your letters www.letlovesurpriseyou.com and our hashtag #letlovesurpriseyou


If you don't know what to write, I've made a list of daily themes you can write about. Feel free to use these or you can make your own.  

Don't be afraid to get personal in your writing. The more vulnerable and personal you are, the more you have a chance of really connecting and touching someone else. As helpful as your words may be for someone else, you may also find these prompts could have a great impact in your own life. So really think about them, and write from the heart. These 14 days, let go of the thought of writing to "someone else" and write for you. I promise your words will impact the person that needs it the most! give it a try!

Wanna keep it simple?

That's totally ok. Don't let the prompts scare you. Remember, the most important thing is you have fun!!! If you want to just write a love quote on 14 different letters that's ok. If you want to just write some simple words of inspiration or encouragement, that's fine too! You can write as much or as little as you'd like. Just write!!!

Download the picture(s) above and upload to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media websites, so we can get as many love letters out on February 14th as possible. Share this webpage for directions (www.letlovesurpriseyou.com/14daysoflove) You can write as many letters as you would like for this campaign, just commit to writing at least one each day. And remember, save them all for the 14 days so you can distribute them all on the same day. 

PS: Take plenty of pictures of your process, your letters, and even where you leave them and use the hashtags #14daysoflove and of course #letlovesurpriseyou so we can all stay updated with one another.