Have You Ever Had "One of Those Days"...


...You know, one of those days where you have to squeeze the last of the toothpaste out of the tube only to have it jump out all over your white shirt. One of those days when you are trying to multi task in the kitchen in order to get out of the house on time, only to burn your toast and spill your coffee. One of those days where you finally get to the freeway only to discover there have been two accidents, and you're already late. The list goes on, because it's days like this where it's always one thing after the next right? All of a sudden you begin to contemplate your whole life. You hate your job, where you live, you're unhappy with your relationships, you don't feel like anyone understands you. You feel so.... alone! 

Now imagine, you are on your way home from work you stop at the gas station and you see an envelope sitting at the pump. It says "This letter is for you!" You look around thinking "Can I open this?" "Is someone watching?" and then you read the rest of the envelope and it says "Yes you, the person reading this right now". Well that's it, It must be for you! So you open it. It says:

"Hey You, 
Slow Down. When you move too fast, you miss the miracles happening around you. Take a look around, I bet you have a lot more to smile about then you think. Your life is worth enjoying... All of it!
Love, a stranger"

You can't help but smile because admit it, even if you say you don't love surprises...you do! A sweet inspiring love letter found you at perfect timing and in that moment, you don't feel alone anymore. You feel as though the world hears you. You feel....well... Loved!

You want to keep the energy going so you visit the website address listed at the bottom to check out where this letter came from and here you are. WELCOME! 

This may be your story, or yours may be different. You may not even realize you have a story. You may even be the person that wrote the awesome note that made someone else smile. However the way, you found yourself here and that's what counts. You are being called to action. The world needs your love!

Are you ready to share it?



There you were one day, minding your business when you look and see a mysterious letter that was written just for you!

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